We supply a good range of ink jet printers in store and we can order in laser printers and larger printers for bigger jobs or business work. Our main supply of printers is Epson and Canon as they both have a good strong range of wireless all in one printers. Varying in capabilities and size there is a good selection for our customers to choose from.


We have a large selection of accessories for computers and laptops, consoles and mobile phones. Ranging from mouse mats to laptop bags, controllers to headsets, chargers to screen protectors. There is something for every accessory enquiry and if we do not have what you are looking for in stock we can usually order in for next day delivery.



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The repair of a phone cannot be cheap, so make sure you protect it to avoid damage. Louth Electroncis stock a great range of practical and stylish cases for all types of mobile phones, from your Apple iPhones to your Samsung Galaxy handsets, Nokia's to Motorola's. If we do not have a case in stock for your phone, we can order them in and have it in stock within a couple of days.


Protecting the screen is important too, which is why we do not just have screen protectors but tempered glass screen protectors, which we highly recommend.



We have a great selection of accessories for all of your home computing or business needs. We have various keyboards and mice kits or sold separately, Webcams, Various storage devices from memory sticks to external  HDD’s. We have accessories for your laptops like laptop bags, replacement chargers and wireless mice.


We can also supply various internal components for your desktop computers, like graphic cards, internal HDD upgrades or slave drives, power supplies and network cards. All of which we can fit for you if your not comfortable doing it yourself.




We stock a fantastic range of Epson and Canon printers in store, including the wireless all-in-one models. All printers are easy to set-up and get running but we understand that some customers may still struggle to set-up printers, which we can help with too.

Jet Tec compatable inks are also available in separate cartridges or in multi-packs for a wide range printers instore.

They are 100% guaranteed and pack much higher value than genuine inks.



We also do a range of networking products from TP Link. We can supply anything from a new wireless router to a network switch or network card.


TP Link also do a range of Powerline Adapters which give you the capability of putting your broadband into another room through your electric rather than having to run cables all through the property. For more information on any of our networking products please contact us.


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